Martin Horik is more than an adventure host and producer! To this date he has traveled in 54 countries – Has tested more than 500 various machines – Hosted 266 tv shows already broadcasted on major networks – Traveled millions of km on the ground, in the air and water in his many-many adventures…

He is a former professional motocross racer and the only Canadian to have completed a full World Championship, the 1989 125cc Grand Prix. He participated in hundreds of competitions in a multitude of motorsport events. Over the past 4 decades, he has driven almost everything that has a motor and fun to drive on this planet. Above all, no one does it for him and he tries everything with passion and humility! He touches all disciplines with interest and determination. His humor and curiosity has given him the opportunity to meet passionate people on their playgrounds. From North Africa to South Africa, from Peru to Europe, adventures takes him as far as the deserts of Oman in the Middle East, Asia and Turkey to name a few. He is the man of all elements. Martin Horik OCTANE offers viewers a playful and timeless moment, filled with action and surprising encounters. Martin Horik kicks off his ninth season in 2020, thirteen in all including his previous televised show HP. For Martin, no playgrounds is off limits!


    Martin is the son of an ex military from Western Canada born in Edmonton, Alberta, and a mother from Quebec... See More City who bears the popular Tremblay. An older brother completes his close family. His big brother started the ball in the summer of 1978 while he succeeded in convincing the parents to buy him a small off-road pumpkin colored motorcycle. Soon after Martin inherited that bike, something happened, and the rest is “Hist-orik” See Less


    After a series of motocross schools in 1980, Martin and his brother Stéfan made a pair until 1986. During these... See More six years the two brothers climbed into the top 5 of the best in Quebec, made hundreds of races and passed. even a full winter in the southern United States in a last-ditch effort to make it to the pros. Very quickly he learned his skills and after summers filled with racing in Canada and winter weeks of training and racing in Florida , he finished 3rd in the 125cc and 250cc expert championships in Quebec in 1984. His career continued until his participation in the 125cc World Championship in 1989 and competed in the following Grand-Prix events: Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Holland, Belgium and Germany. See Less


    Towards the end of his professional MX career, he became an art agent from 1992 until 2009 and broadcast his father, Vladimir Horik's work during this... See More time. His passion for motorized vehicles was never far behind. He founded a business named Charlevoix Aventures that offered guided tours with various recreational vehicles from 2003 to 2009.He was a guest and invitee a series of shows spread over 3 years with "Plein air sans limitse" from the RDS network. He collaborated with various other medias such as : Belgian magazines (Quad-Passion-Magazine, Roularta, Steps de Luxe), Italian Motocyclista.net, Passionne Avventura, etc.) and French (TF1, France 2).He cooperated with the Ministere du Tourism du Quebec, the Fédération des Clubs Quad and was the object of several journalistic reviews written in Quebec and in France. With his abundance of experience in travel and adventures, he is one of the most dynamic and charismatic ambassadors with the “made in Quebec” stamp of approval. Loved by his fans not only for his approachability but for the exotic destinations and of course the mechanic side of his shows, with a touch of humor that really makes Martin Horik unique in his brand of televised shows. See Less


    In the summer of 2009, Martin was hired to host the popular televised series HP which aired on Vtélé for 4... See More seasons and produced 104 original shows. Over the years, Martin has been viewed as a “natural” on screen communicating with ease his passion for each sporting event that he participates in and with his easy-going personality he is able to render each of his guests comfortable in front of a camera during an interview. This passion has continued since 2013 with the series, produced and animated by Martin called “Martin Horik OCTANE”. With his show returning in the fall of 2020 and its 9th season, Martin Horik will once again be sharing his love for recreational vehicles, racing events, exotic destinations and his excitement for meeting and engaging with everyone he encounters on and off screen. The series can be viewed on the popular channels RDS and RDS2 and available on the Octane social networks. See Less

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