A television series showcased on Canadian national networks and available now on RDS (Le Réseau des Sports -The Sports Networks) and RDS2 produced and animated by Martin Horik.  More than 225 vehicles tested, filmed in over 19 countries with 210 episodes already broadcasted. 

The series offers in every episode an adventure to new discoveries of motorized vehicles as well as exotic and interesting destinations along with everything touching the lifestyles that accompanies them. It’s the enjoyment of driving and exploring geographical and unique destinations in Quebec as well as internationally.

OCTANE encounters people from different communities who are passionate about living their passions centered around the powersport worlds. Whether it’s during a sporting/racing event, families enjoying an outing or for the pure adrenaline in trying out a new vehicle, the series is able to portray the pleasure of simply enjoying the moment with Martin hosting in his fun/unique and humorous way. There is never a dull moment on site!

OCTANE by Martin Horik has a wide range of topics and adventures. It is a series that is 100% original, informative and produced with pride by French Canadian talents.


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